Ithaca Free Clinic Benefit Show featuring The music of Queens of The Stone Age

Ithaca Free Clinic Benefit Show featuring The music of Queens of The Stone Age

Vacuoso, Stranded With A Kiss, Spazzare, Amongst the Monks

Sat ยท November 25, 2017

Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 9:00 pm

The Haunt

Ithaca, NY

$10.00 - $15.00

Tickets at the Door

This event is all ages

All proceeds go to Ithaca Health Alliance

Ithaca Free Clinic Benefit Show
Featuring The Music of Queens of The Stone Age:
Stranded with a Kiss/ Spazzare/ Amongst The Monks and vacuoso with special guest musicians

All proceeds go to Ithaca Health Alliance
Vacuoso is a strangely intoxicating, dark, sexy prog-pop band from Ithaca, NY. While you can expect their first album this spring, the live show boasts enough material for two more. Vacuoso is: Mac Myers- keys and vocals. Cameron Myers- Drums. Jimbo Scott- Bass and vocals. Zach Rohrer- Guitar.
In late 2013 the palindromic father-son-duo Mac and Cam began writing music together before recruiting the vocalist/bassist Jimbo Scott. As more songs and vocal harmonies began to develop, they added guitarist Zach Rohrer to the mix. The quartet has been writing collaboratively and prolifically, influenced by an eclectic range of genres bringing to mind everything from Peter Gabriel to Tool.
"Vacuoso has new music, new merch - and a dramatically refined sound, since I last caught up with them at the beginning of the year. They've also been playing out a *lot* in the last few months, which has definitely honed an already impressive stage presence." - Jonathan Hochberg (Fingerlakes Music Press)
Stranded With A Kiss
Stranded With A Kiss
Imagine the grittiest, most ferocious and cherished parts of nineties grunge getting into a good, old fashioned fistfight with the rapid-fire, reckless, black leather 'tude of late eighties punk at some iconic rock club in Detroit, whereafter both parties stroll into a modern day sunrise, sweaty, bruised, and smirking, with the other's girlfriend underarm. Look out Ithaca, here comes Stranded with a Kiss.

Singer-guitarist Christian deBrigard is no stranger to the local music scene and has played guitar in several projects in the past but in SwaK has surfaced not only as the mean and dexterous guitar player we already knew he was, but also as a commanding lead singer with smoky, ballsy vocals that beg only one question: what took him so long? Electric guitar comes ripping across the sonic mountain range with urgency as deBrigard's enviable rock vocal punches and slithers through a tight, driving rhythm section carried by bassist Rob Natoli, a skilled player with a pockets as deep as the knees, also no stranger to the rock and punk scenes in the area, and drummer Jeff Turback, the heavy heartbeat in rock, pop, and new wave bands from the Jersey shore to Ithaca throughout his illustrious career. Look no further for your next favorite power trio; these guys gotcha covered. Pass It On.
Three aural waste-layers creating layers of wastedness. These landscapes of changing surface volcanically erupt and then cool again making space within a sonically punishing terrain.
Amongst the Monks
Amongst The Monks is a 4-piece Rock/ Blues/ Funk/ Jazz group with jam band influences that started in Corning, NY. They thrive on their passion of playing, jamming & recording music. Music is a lifestyle just as much as it is a passion for each member, who are all multi-instrumentalists. They have quickly made a name for themselves in New York and Pennsylvania for such a young group and guarantee to keep you moving out of your seat.
Venue Information:
The Haunt
702 Willow Ave
Ithaca, NY, 14850