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Ire Clad

As It Iz, Break of Aggression, One Step From Falling

Sat · November 18, 2017

Doors: 6:00 pm / Show: 7:00 pm

The Haunt

Ithaca, NY


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Ire Clad
Ire Clad
Heavy. It’s a relative term in music but Ire Clad definitely brings it. It all started in 2010 when Jerrod and Harrison who had worked together previously talked about starting a “heavy” band. The two guitarists needed a rhythm section. Jerrod talked Pete into dusting off his drums. Harrison asked Eric, a guitarist, if he wanted to try his hand at bass. Ire Clad was born. The name can be thought of as “wrapped in anger”, which seems appropriate for a metal band. It’s personified by their mascot, Iggy, who’s on the debut album cover.

A good deal of time was spent jamming and writing songs before Ire Clad played any shows. Eventually enough material was there for an album. Harrison’s garage, where they practiced, was converted into a studio. Harrison recorded, mixed and mastered all the music. Pete created the album cover and other images for the CD insert. The debut album was released in 2012. The same process also went into the second album, God of War, which was released in 2014.

Ire clad is always busy gigging, working on new songs, making videos and promoting. Live shows are loud and energetic. Catch one near you!
Break of Aggression
Break of Aggression
Birthed in the heart of upstate N.Y. Break of Aggression has found success sticking to the firm belief that good music and good friends are the glue that hold life together.

Finding success opening for groups such as.
-Dog Fashion Disco
-Empire shall Fall
-While she waits
-The Fucking Pantera Cover Band
-Threat Point
One Step From Falling
One Step From Falling
One Step From Falling is a conduit for a rare breed and style of music baptized in the name of Heady Metal. Since 2011, they have captivated, mesmerized, and surprised audience after audience with their unique sound, and energetic live performance.

A stronger flavor of Heady Metal and an undying fragrance was released upon the world in 2015. One Step From Falling released 'THE WAYSIDE' in April 2015, which was recorded at SubCat Studios in Syracuse, NY. The first single, 'Wayside' had a tremendous response on radio and internet, claiming #1 locals song on 95X in 2015 and is the feature of the music video featuring #WAYSIDE2015 Tour footage. ( )

The successful release of One Step’s sophomore EP, entitled 'Some Day', dropped on the air waves, Fall 2014. The self-titled EP (OSFF), in addition to the 'Some Day' and 'The Wayside', have had continuous requests and airplay for the hit singles 'Wayside,' 'Snozberry,' 'Underwater,' 'Isolaeity' and 'Tourniquet,' on Syracuse’s 95X; “If It Rocks, It’s On 95X!”

One Step From Falling continues turning heads while touring the East Coast, from the Northern Country down to Gasoline Alley and across the Midwest to The Music Factory. The four-piece relentlessly spreads the seed of Heady Metal week after week-from the bar to the festivals-with the clubs sprinkled in between that have seen history made overnight.

Five Finger Death Punch, Kill Switch Engage, Wayne Static, Powerman 5000, Trivium, Trapt,
Pop Evil, Edisun, Boy Hits Car, Shadows Fall, Otep, Green Jellö, Wayland, Earth Crisis, Crobot, Otherwise, 40 Below Summer, Dog Fashion Disco, Eve To Adam, and Knives Out are just a few of the bands that have had the pleasure to share the stage with the trademark that is One Step From Falling.

A dynamic, palate-teasing the senses-separates One Step From Falling as just another cookie-cutter band. After concerts, music enthusiasts and first-time listeners alike flock to the meet and greet area to buy out One Step From Falling merchandise, insignia, and CDs; autographs and duplicates are in high demand to take home to friends and family, ensuring the far reach of the brand that is One Step From Falling's HEADY METAL.

We have a message-we want to show you something…
Venue Information:
The Haunt
702 Willow Ave
Ithaca, NY, 14850