Blackmore's Night

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Blackmore's Night

Sat · July 21, 2018

Doors: 6:30 pm / Show: 7:00 pm

The Academy of Music Theatre

Northampton, MA

$38.50 - $48.50

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The year is 1996. The setting: a snowy winter in Massachusetts. Inside a lodge, nestled around a fireplace, a guitarist plays some beautiful acoustic tunes, and a singer with an ethereal voice joins in. They play throughout the night, creating songs of myths and fantasy inspired by nature. All of this is occurring while the guitarist, none other than famed stringsmith Ritchie Blackmore, is working with his band Rainbow to record their last CD Stranger In Us All. Here, in this moment miles away from it all, Ritchie Blackmore and Candice Night are using their secluded time around the fire in the middle of winter to create, some beautiful music, a new genre, inspired by many melodies of the Renaissance period, and Blackmoreized into contemporary music. They call it Renaissance/Folk/Rock. This is the sound of Blackmore's Night.

Blackmore's Night
Blackmore's Night
Fairy Folk and Medieval band from UK, created in 1997 by Ritchie Blackmore (guitarist of Deep Purple & Rainbow) and his wife Candice Night.

They usually perform together with
Earl Grey Of Chimay: Bass, Rhythm Guitar
Squire Malcolm Of Lumley: Drums, Percussion
Bard David Of Larchmont: Keyboards, Background Vocals
Albert Dannemann: Shawns, Bagpipes
Gypsy Rose (2): Violins, Background Vocals
Venue Information:
The Academy of Music Theatre
274 Main Street
Northampton, MA, 01060