Midnight North

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Midnight North

Vee Da Bee

Thu · May 16, 2019

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 8:00 pm

The Haunt

Ithaca, NY

$15.00 at the door

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Midnight North
Midnight North
In June of 2017, Midnight North released their third studio album: Under the Lights. On this full length record, Midnight North left it all on the court. Recorded by David Simon-Baker (Los Lobos, ALO, Jackie Greene, Mother Hips) at the Greene Room and Allegiant Studios, Under the Lights features their 11 best new tunes. Expect flares of country on tracks like “The Highway Song” and “Greene County”, tinges of soul on the likes of “Back To California”, but mostly good solid rock and roll. With strong melodies and stronger harmonies, for this band it comes down to one thing: the song.

Immediately after their last studio release, 2015’s Scarlet Skies, Midnight North - fronted by lead songwriters Elliott Peck & Grahame Lesh with lush Hammond B3 organ, lead guitar, and harmony work from Alex Jordan and stomping bass lines from Connor O’Sullivan - began touring the country in earnest, visiting the East Coast and the Midwest for the first time in Summer 2015. The band wrote the majority of Under the Lightsin the following months, and the lyrical road themes - the initial excitement, the longing for home, and the inherent need to keep moving - shine through.

“Under the Lights is the perfect title for this collection of songs,” said O’Sullivan. “These songs and lyrics are about being a band of musicians on the road away from home. Songs literally performed and tested under the lights at countless venues across the US.”

Last year, while work in the studio continued, the band’s stream of amazing live shows and festival appearances sped by as the band jammed with heavyweights like Bob Weir, Phil Lesh, Tom Hamilton, Mihali Savoulidis, and more. Hitting the road night after night and building their fan base has proved a lot of fun and every time they come back to a city the venues and crowds get bigger while the songs get tighter. “On the road you have an opportunity to dig into what the band is capable of and learn where your limits as a group are and aren’t,” said Jordan. “It was a wonderful opportunity to capture a sound on this album that is identifiably our own.”

In addition to all the touring, Midnight North is on year five of holding down Sunday nights at Terrapin Crossroads in San Rafael, CA. To celebrate the occasion, they released a free live album, Live at Terrapin Crossroads in 2016, where Relix Magazine took a shine to “the group’s powerful three-part harmonies.” Performing weekly for a hometown crowd allows a chance to continuously test new material. “I feel like I’ll come to the band with this raw idea and watch it totally come to life,” said Peck.

2017 continued the growth for Midnight North, as the exciting release of Under the Lights helped point the way for more and more fans to discover the band. “These songs tell our story, at least up to this point,” said Lesh. “Our job is to sing you these stories as honestly as we can and transport you into our world for an hour or two.”
Vee Da Bee
Vee Da Bee
Alternative Pop/Rock with eclectic influences; you might cry or laugh or both, but you'll definitely have a blast, either way!

Vee Da Bee is a pseudonym for Victoria DeBerry. She was born in Houston, TX and ventured up to NY for college. She has been playing and performing for over 15 years now, and only in the past few years has decided to pursue her passion (which was once a coping skill tbh). During her solo sets, she’ll rock out with loops, shakers, and terrible puns.

During her full-band sets, she’s got the COOLEST dudes ever!

Chris Bedell can be found playing the WILDEST percussion, providing back up vocals and harmonies. Look out for his hand-painted miniatures! They’re pretty awesome.

Paul Vidovich brings those bassy thumps you didn't even know you needed! He also wears the coolest hats...

Mike Parker is the one you’ve gotta watch out for! You won’t be able to look away from his sweet guitar licks, face-melting solos, all put together with his ~flashy~ dance moves.

While they’re being who they are, Vee usually smiles, dances and tries REALLY hard not to trip over her cables.

Her style is eclectic, citing influences like SRV, Fleetwood Mac, Kendrick Lamar, Beyonce, George Strait, Marvin Gaye and so many more!

Solo or backed by her mixed bag of dads, it’s an adventure every time you see her!

If you haven’t heard (or purchased) her new EP ‘Cost Of Me’ it can be found here >>> http://bit.ly/2IhY0lw
Venue Information:
The Haunt
702 Willow Ave
Ithaca, NY, 14850